In modern life we always seem to seek instant gratification: crash courses, instant access, overnight success, instant weight loss, 24 hour delivery,all night opening!

But of course this wasn’t always the case; once upon a time you had to save up for things you wanted because there were no credit cards, you had to wait up to 28 days for delivery of items you ordered, shops closed from Saturday lunchtime until Monday morning. You had to wait for the things you wanted, but we could all do that because there was no other way.

And so because we expect instant results this can lead to people feeling frustrated, stressed, angry or lacking self confidence/self belief when their plans, ideas or dreams don’t come to fruition in a short time frame. I have seen many entrepreneurs change what they were doing or give up entirely just at the point where they were going to make that breakthrough. We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare, but no one seems to have the patience to be the tortoise – even though he is the ultimate winner.

This month’s ‘Book of the Month’  at our Damsels in Success groups is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson in which he talks about how small things done consistently over a long time make the difference between success or failure. These things are easy to do, but that also means they are easy NOT to do and 95% of the population choose not to do them.

North Downs Way Day 13 014Back in January, I joined a friend at the start of the North Downs Way in Farnham, Surrey. Every couple of weeks or so we have been walking 8-12 miles along the route and this weekend we will reach the sea at Dover in Kent. When the weather was bad it would have been very easy to stay at home, when the hills were very steep we could have given up- but we just kept on going, the dates were in our diaries and we moved things so we could keep to the schedule. You can walk the whole way in 10 days or so, but that wouldn’t have fitted in with our family life, so we took small consistent actions on a regular basis. And that felt easy!


Think about the kind of things you do on a daily basis; some will take you towards your goals, but some will not, some are positive, but some are not. Start to think about what simple, small, actions you could take that over time would get you great results. This could be in the area of your health, your relationships, your finances or your business and get started on the path to change.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu