Would you like to bring more peace, calmness and balance into your life?

The life of an average Western woman has changed so much in the past 40 years and most of it for the better. But do you ever feel that your new freedom came at a cost? The cost of being busy all the time- working in and outside the home, looking after family, being responsible for everyone else’s health and wellbeing, having no time for yourself.

You were told you could ‘have it all’; a career and a family, not have to be tied to household chores anymore, be independent and live the life you always wanted. But you ended up having to be Superwoman because you doubled your workload. You may be experiencing Chaos rather than calmness!

You may be like the women who tell me all the time that they feel overwhelmed and over committed, they feel stuck, unclear about what they want and find it hard to say no when asked to help out someone else. And they feel exhausted. You may be at a transition in your life – divorce, bereavement, moving to a new house, empty- nester or just want to do things differently. Do things that you want to do instead of fitting in with everyone else.

Throughout my life I have listened to the voices of women navigating the ups and downs of their lives. I have worked with new mothers, elderly women, foreign brides and women starting businesses. I have come to believe that we live our best lives when we embrace calm, compassion and community. You can find out more about how I can help you over HERE

I believe you should try bringing more calmness into your life, allowing some serenity and tranquillity on a daily basis.

Because ….

when you are calm you make better decisions

when you are calm you see things more clearly

when you are calm those around you feel safer

when you are calm life is less stressful


I have a free Facebook group, Serenity Circle, where you will find support and inspiration to start on your journey to bring more calm into your life. Take a look HERE

“Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your own being” ~ Rumi