One of the biggest problems that therapists, coaches and consultants experience is getting a steady stream of clients. People enter the health and wellbeing sector because they really want to help others, it’s seen not as a job but a vocation. That is why it is so sad to see that dedicated professionals, with years of training, often fail to attract the clients they need to have a viable business.

I accept that there are some individuals who enter this field and are able to support themselves financially from another source, and that is great for them and their clients. And some want to offer low cost or no-cost services.

But the majority of us spend thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours training, have the overheads of running a professional practice and have living expenses to be met – so we need to generate income!

There is no end of business training courses, coaching and mentoring available on topics from marketing, sales, social media, speaking and these are all necessary on top of your original professional training. However, many of you take these courses and still fail to attract enough clients.
One thing that I am often told is that I really ‘walk my talk’. I specialise in helping you to go from frazzled to feeling serene – would you want to work with me if I seemed to be stressed, angry, anxious?

I don’t think so.
And yet I see overweight people selling weight loss programmes, nutritionists who look really unwell, financial ‘experts’ with no money and the list goes on. This is a sensitive topic, because these people genuinely want to help others with their goods and services but have forgotten the cardinal rule of being of service to others.

You have to take care of yourself first before you can help anyone else.


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