We all know her, don’t we- that woman who spends her life lurching from one crisis to another, making dramatic exits, slamming doors, driving off drama_queen1into the night….

We put up with it- it’s her hormones, it’s her time of the month, it’s her age, things always seem to go wrong for her, it’s not her fault…

Of course, it’s not always a woman, we know men who behave like that too, but for them the reaction often manifests as anger and that’s somehow OK in our society.

If you live or work with a Drama Queen it can be exhausting, stressful and infuriating. You find yourself caught up in their drama, often in an effort to help them or solve the problem, but you just don’t know how to turn things around. It’s as if your friend has fallen into a deep hole and in an effort to pull them out, you fall in too. Many of us are by nature ‘rescuers’, we just can’t help coming to someone’s aid and Drama Queens rely on that.

When I was a child, my younger sister was a typical Drama Queen. She was five years younger than me, but she knew that if she made a scene we would all give into her. She always wanted to sit in the front seat of the car, in those days before child seats or even seat belts, and if it looked as if I or my other sister might sit there she would lie on the floor screaming and crying until she got her way. We just couldn’t stand the drama, but in that moment we gave her permission to behave like that whenever she wanted. My excuse is , I was only eight!

But maybe the Drama Queen is you and that’s OK. But doesn’t it make you feel tired all the time? Don’t you sometimes wish your life ran a bit more smoothly? It probably makes relationships hard to maintain too and possibly you suffer from ill health.

It doesn’t have to be that way, you may not loose the drama every day, very occasionally even I have a crisis, but you can learn to respond more appropriately to the challenges life throws you or you you can learn how to help your family and friends without being dragged down with them.