IMedical was reading an article earlier this week which quoted some shocking statistics from a group of health and fitness professionals, based on their experiences with clients. They had concluded that 70% of people don’t want to do anything to get well, they just want to feel better.

It seems to me that many people take no responsibility for their health and wellbeing; they do as they please and then expect health professionals to ‘fix’ them when things go wrong. Regular readers here will know that our health is very much connected to our emotional and mental frame of mind. But changing the way you think can be scary and difficult, so most people won’t make the effort.

The same report said that 20% of people will try something for a short while, but get bored or disillusioned if results don’t come quickly. Many prospective clients want to see me for just one appointment, but I don’t have a magic wand that can fix a problem they may have had for many years. I ask my clients to commit to a minimum of three appointments so that we can really see if my methods are making a difference, ideally they would work with me for much longer for lasting results. Many people come to me after they have tried a medical route and pharmaceutical drugs have failed to make any difference, but often patients fail to take medication their doctor has prescribed.

Even more shocking was the conclusion that 5% don’t care at all about their health!

Finally there is the 5% of the population who are sufficiently fed up with the way they feel an will commit to doing what it takes to improve their health. It is mostly these people who make their way to complementary therapists of some kind. My own doctor made the ‘shocking’ revelation that he now visited a chiropractor as that was the only thing that he had found that helped his bad back.

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