Halcyon Daily Meditations ~your oasis of calm in a frantic world



Do you find yourself wishing that you had a few minutes to yourself during the day, a quiet time when you could feel some peace?


During the COVID-19 lockdown I ran daily live meditations in my Facebook group, Serenity Circle. These proved to be very popular and people told me how these meditations had really helped them to start the day in a more positive way and help them feel more connected. The whole world had tipped into a space of uncertainty and confusion which none of us knew how to deal with. All of us had to get used to new ways of living and being on a daily basis.



Once restrictions eased and people were able to socialise more, I reduced the frequency and finally ended the meditations. But I always intended to reintroduce them in some way. And as we approach Winter in the Northern Hemisphere it is more important than ever to improve our immunity and increase our resilience.



Meditation and Mindfulness practice has been shown to have real benefits for our physical, emotional, mental and physical well being. The benefit comes from regular practice rather than a once in a while session, but many people find it hard to put aside the time or find the motivation to stick to a practice.



You can now subscribe to the daily meditations, live from Monday-Friday and recorded for weekends and holidays. The meditations are hosted in a private Facebook group as this is the simplest place to do live broadcasts. The subscription is £10 per month or £100 per year (12 months for the price of 10). This is as little a 27p a day if you pay annually, a small price for bringing more peace, calm and balance into your life. Just choose your preferred option and you will be sent the link to join the group where the meditations are hosted.



Halcyon Daily Meditations ~ your oasis of calm in a frantic world


Monthly Subscription £10 per month


Annual Subscription £100 per year


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