On days when you feel a bit ‘wobbly’, do you wish that there were some magic drops that you could take to feel better?


Well, the good news is …. there are!


Sleep Easy

Around 2002, a friend gave me a bottle of ‘Sleep Easy’ from Indigo Essences, because my young son was a terrible sleeper. This was my introduction to the magical world of flower remedies, gem elixirs and environmental essences. I had been using complementary therapies with my children, such as essential oils and homeopathy, but these essences were much easier to use and worked fast.



Flower essences give gentle emotional support to help you cope with life’s day to day challenges, from coping with a new baby to bereavement and everything between. I always keep a bottle of ‘Emergency Essence’ in my bag and it comes out when anyone has had a shock, an accident or some bad news.


What Are They?

Flowers have been used as medicines for thousands of years as herbal medicine or oils or homeopathy, but the use of flower essences became popular in the 1930s due to the work of Dr Edward Bach. You may have used Bach’s Rescue Remedy to help with shock without even knowing that it is a combination flower remedy.


Making a Flower Essence

Flower Essences are mostly made from the flowers on a plant, but sometimes with leaves or bark from trees, for instance. The flowers are taken and placed in a glass bowl of pure water and then left in the sunshine for several hours. The solid petals, leaves or bark are then removed, and the water is then used to create a ‘Mother Tincture’ from which the essences are then prepared. Small amounts of alcohol are added to prevent bacterial growth and preserve the essence.


Gem Elixirs are prepared in a similar way and Environmental Essences are prepared in sacred or spiritual places to capture the energy of that place.


Since the 1970s there has been a huge increase in the number of commercially available remedies from all over the world. The original Dr Bach remedies are also still going strong having been once the only essences available. I have studied with Australian Bush Flower essences, Indigo Essences and Alaskan Essences, but there are many to choose from.


How Do You Use Them?

Once the remedies were only available as drops that you took directly by mouth or added to water. Nowadays they can be found as oral sprays, room sprays, creams, body lotions and even pastilles. You can add to your bath or put on your skin.

They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the vibrations of our higher nature, in the presence of whichdisease melts away as snow in the sunshine ~ Dr Edward Bach


So, flower and other ‘vibrational’ essences help us to move to a state where our body can start to heal itself. If you are stressed, exhausted, or burnt out, your body has few resources left to help you recover. And so essences are a gentle support with taking better care of yourself.


How Do You Choose One?

Flower Essence SelectionAs I said there are now many ranges of essence from all over the world. Perhaps you feel drawn to one range in particular or the description of an essence seems to exactly match with how you are feeling. Most of the major producers have excellent websites where you can read up on what you need.


I run workshops from time to time exploring some of the ranges and explaining more about how to choose and use them. Check on the ‘Upcoming Events’ in the sidebar for dates, or I see clients for one-to-one consultations, and you can contact me to find out more.


Free Guide

I have produced a handy Flower Essences Guide that lists 10 common areas of challenge or stress and the appropriate ‘off-the-shelf’ remedies I would suggest for those issues. You can download the pdf HERE


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