I know that as we head into December many people become very stressed about Christmas. As a mother of 2 I feel the pressure to produce a wonderful, sparkling, magical event as seen on every TV ad break. The truth is that this is a media fantasy and for many people the festive season means being bored, unable to see our friends, stuck with relatives we don’t like and eating and/or drinking too much. There’s a reason the divorce lawyers love January!

For many people feeling stressed is due to feelings of not being in control of a situation or an inability to cope with rapidly changing events. Suppose you were able to detach yourself from concern about how things will turn out? Suppose you could let go of those nagging thoughts that keep you awake at night. Some of this can be managed by being more organised, but it is mostly about changing the way you are thinking once you have calmed down.

Mindfulness is becoming very mainstream, there are articles in newspapers and magazines every week and the NHS even supports mindfulness programmes. What you might not know is that Reiki is also a way to help you calm down and take back control from your swirling thoughts. Reiki is often thought as something that you go and have from someone else as a ‘treatment’, but the practice of Reiki is a powerful self-development tool that anyone can learn. This is very well articulated by one of my recent students, Linda from London:

I have just completed my Reiki level 1 and it is one of the best things I have done in my life so far. Not only has it balanced me out, but the peace I have found within myself is something I thought I would never have .Life is so busy these days that we don’t have the time to sit and just be, and even when we have we don’t know how. Thanks to Louise my life is in the process of changing completely and that means everybody around me is benefiting from it. I now see things clearer and take time just for me. I can’t wait to start my level 2 and I can’t think of a better teacher to learn from, the course is not fast and furious there is time taken to discuss what we have learnt and a genuine interest is taken in the students I highly recommend this course to anybody that wants more out of life for themselves as it not only changes your life but your whole way of thinking thank you Louise I hope to see you again soon.

If you would like to find out more about how the practice of Reiki could help you stay calmer, do get in touch.

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