Last time I spoke about how I ended up leading a jet-setting life in the oil industry, but felt in my heart that there must be more to life! After five years of working with my father in the family business, I had a baby and everything changed again.

I had always liked children and done a fair share of babysitting, but nothing prepares you for your first child, no matter how many antenatal classes you attend. I went from being highly efficient and organised to barely being able to get dressed by lunchtime! I found that for me, continuing with work would be very difficult, because I wasn’t getting enough sleep and couldn’t Louisae and James 1992 001think straight. I found being a new mother very stressful because I didn’t seem to be in control of what was happening. When I started to go out, I discovered that many new mothers felt the same, especially those who didn’t have any family support nearby. I actually discovered that I was much calmer and more in control than many of the others.

This was when I first became interested in complementary therapies; my antenatal teacher was also a homeopath and she spoke about using more natural methods of coping with everyday stresses and strains. I discovered that homeopathic teething granules seemed to work like magic and began to investigate other ways to help my children without drugs. Neither of my children slept that well and I originally learnt Reiki to help them calm down at night. I began to use many of these things myself and found that I became calmer too. People began to ask me about my methods and so in 2004 I began to see clients and by 2008 I was teaching courses and workshops.

My ‘baby’ will be 22 this summer and I honestly have no idea where that time went. I have learnt that we all make our lives more difficult and stressful than we need to, but I have also learnt that there are many ways that we can alleviate that if we just take the time to take care of ourselves first. If we don’t look after ourselves first, we can’t take care of anyone else.

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