I’ve been quiet for a while as I have just moved to South Shields in Tyneside. It’s an amazing place at the edge of the land and sea where the world comes and goes past my window. I walk round the corner to a long sandy beach where I can watch the birds and the sea to my heart’s content. The air is fresh and clean and the energy always moving, just as it should be. This is the kind of place where you feel that it is pointless to worry. Of course, worrying is always a waste of your energy, if you can do something about a situation- then do so, if you can’t worrying will make no difference.

Letting GO of Worry

Worry FreeI had to really connect to the Reiki Precepts when my movers changed the move from a 3 day to a 2 day half way through the first morning. This meant that we had to pack up everything by lunchtime instead of the evening and we had to drive all the way up here that day instead of the following day. They had also underestimated the size of lorry needed and had to send a second van to collect the excess.

We left West Wickham around 6pm after cleaning up and tying up loose ends, but due to overnight roadworks didn’t arrive in South Shields until 2.30am. Then the lorry arrived at 9am to start unloading. We were told all day the second van was on it’s way, but it didn’t arrive until 12 days later.

Knowing that taking each day at a time and not giving in to worry and anger would be the best course of action I just took everything as it was and accepted the situation. In reality, until I’d unpacked the first load I couldn’t have fitted the second van’s contents into the house! Although it felt that I had got rid of a lot of stuff before I moved there is still a lot of letting go to be done, but it seems much easier to do here.

Practice Update

You may have noticed that I introduced an online Reiki Practice so I can connect to you wherever you (or I) happen to be. I have also moved the Saturday Reiki Practice to be on the day following my Damsels in Success meeting. So you will still have 2 opportunities a month to connect in person in the London/South-East. I will also be running more intensive Reiki and meditation classes in Bromley rather than the 6 week courses I used to run. Flower Essence consultations over Skype are still available and I can see Reiki clients when I am down. The Keston Natural Health Practice  office in Ravenswood Crescent, West Wickham will be my base.

I hope to be starting Reiki classes up here in the North-East very soon as well as seeing clients.

The monthly Monday afternoon Reiki Share will not continue as I have had hardly any interest in it for some time. Saturday morning practice and the Virtual online practice will be available to any of you to join if you have taken at least a level 1 course.

So my regular schedule from September is that I am in West Wickham/Tunbridge Wells on the days around the second Friday of each month and up in the Newcastle area the rest of the month.

I look forward to seeing many of you in the future, either in the North-East, on Skype or when I am back down South.

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