We are in August already and it’s a little cool in South Shields. However, one of the benefits of moving North was to avoid the 30 degrees Centigrade plus temperatures of a Southeast summer. My garden is looking great as we’ve had rain too. My plan for August is to take it easy and enjoy my garden, just sitting and reading. These are my ‘Halcyon Days’ of summer.


It’s important to take holidays from your regular routine, even if you stay at home. We all need time to rest and recharge, and you can have a change of scene in your own house or hometown. The last 18 months have shown us that there is a lot more to enjoy on our doorsteps than we realised.

What the Olympics Teach Us


I have been watching some of the Olympics, even though I’m not a great sports fan. It’s because of the amazing life lessons to be seen.


The bravery of Simone Biles to prioritise her self-care instead of the ‘win at all costs’ mindset that used to prevail was awesome to see. As was Naomi Osaka stepping away from the French Open Tennis and Wimbledon for the sake of her mental health. Yesterday the 2 top Men’s High Jumpers decided to share the gold medal rather than carry on with jump offs. That was stunning!


If those athletes can make that kind of decision after the years of training, focus, injury, expectation, desire- surely you can give yourself some downtime. Paying attention to how you feel rather than pushing through is the way to connect to your feminine energy, we spend too much effort prioritising the masculine. Balance in everything is what we should be aiming for.


So take some time off; just sit in the garden/ park/ on the beach, read a novel/listen to an audio book, listen to a meditation (Find one HERE) , watch the birds/your children playing…take time to smell the roses. Discover the Halcyon Days of Summer.

halcyon days of summer



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