I have just come back from 3 days at the Inner Guidance Yoga and Retreat Centre near Lavenham in Suffolk. This was a Reiki retreat that I had been planning since the Spring, but I had very slow take-up of places despite months of marketing. However, I was convinced that the retreat was going to be wonderful and kept persevering. In the end I had bookings  come in during the last 2 weeks although only for the Saturday and Sunday.

Now I have some great testimonials from the participants regretting that they didn’t book for the 3 days and wishing they didn’t have to go home. They also talk about how they resisted booking because they couldn’t justify taking 3 days away from the family or one day off work or how they felt guilty about spending money on themselves. All my guests were women with stressful jobs, busy lives and/or family difficulties who didn’t believe that they were worthy of some rest.2013-07-18 13.42.58

Although I was running the retreat, I had 3 days of rest, relaxation and restoration. On the Friday I spent all afternoon in the shade of a lovely oak tree reading a book, listening to the birds and insects- something I would never do at home even though I have a very nice garden. I’ll always find something that needs doing! I didn’t need to worry about the shopping and cooking; I had beautiful gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free food prepared for me all weekend. I slept deeply and was woken early and delightfully by birdsong and sunlight.

All I had to do once my guests arrived was to remind them how to sit still, how to let their thoughts float away and remind them of their Reiki practice, as they were all Reiki 2 students. Sometimes we have to step away from our lives just for a short time, in order to see the possibility of how our lives could be different. Nothing will change if we keep doing what we have always done. It doesn’t have to be a huge shift, although it may be; I am certainly eating very differently this week and I have had a text from one of my guests saying she is too. Small changes can have great results.

Is there something that you could change this week? It maybe something you have been thinking about changing for some time, but the ‘time was never right’. What if the time is always right?


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