You are probably aware that the teaching profession can be stressful and I certainly know several ex-teachers who retired early due to ill health brought on by stress.  I heard a story a couple of days ago about a stressed teacher who had decided to go part-time and be a supply teacher in order to reduce the stress. To me however this seemed to be a reckless decision as surely it is more stressful to go each day to a new school, new pupils, new colleagues, new curriculum than to stick with what you know.

This seems to be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I think that most careers have a component that is something other than the ability to do the job well. It often requires a particular personality type or a certain resilience to things that others find stressful. This results in many people being in jobs that at best they don’t really like and at worst may ultimately make them ill. This could also be the case if you are self-employed or run a small business, perhaps you do it because it is a family business or it seemed like a good idea when you started but it’s not what you really want to do.

It can be a particular issue if you are self-employed because YOU are your business and if you aren’t happy and healthy it will reflect on the business. You really need to take time out to reflect on why you do what you do and if it is the best thing for you and your clients. Considering yourself for once could also stop you from making rash changes that might mean going ‘out of the frying pan..’



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