My Reiki teachers, Frans and Bronwen Stiene, promote the virtues of Persistence, Patience and Practice in the study of the system of Reiki. But of course it can apply to all areas of life just as well.

Some of you may well have been in the room with me last Friday when I launched the new Croydon group of Damsels in Success. To me this was a perfect example of how this worked for me. I had been aiming to have 50 women booked onto the event as I had been told that only around 60% would then turn up because it was free event and I wanted 30 attendees. So I was a little disappointed to have only 37 booked in and then 3 cancelled the night before and that morning, so down to 34.

It was Friday the 13th and as I opened my bedroom curtains first thing, I saw a dead fox cub in the middle of the lawn…and then the window handle came off in my hand! I couldn’t do much about either as I had to be at my venue at 8.30. If you are wondering… the third thing was the fire alarm going off during my presentation!

At the start time of 9.30, only about 15 people had shown up but because most were coming by public transport I decided to be patient and didn’t start the meeting for another 15 minutes. By then around 35 had come and the room started to look full. By the time we restarted after coffee there were 40 women in the room, remember I was only expecting 34. It made such a difference to me to have a full room.

The reason I had so many show up was due to my persistence for the previous 8 years in showing up to networking. I don’t really like networking, it is outside my comfort zone, but despite an active social media campaign and publicity, everyone in that room either knew me  personally or came with someone that did. So I had a roomful of familiar faces which also made my presentation much more comfortable.

Over the years I had also helped many friends run events, so I had had plenty of practice on how to have an event running smoothly. This meant I was confident about how the morning would go. Of course I hadn’t bargained on the fire alarm, but my years of practice as ‘The Queen of Calm’ meant that wasn’t really a problem either.

If you’d like to join me at the next Damsels meeting in Croydon, when we will be looking at ‘Making Miracles’, follow the link in the sidebar or here:  


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