Reiki Professional Practitioners

Do you want to help more people with your Reiki business?

Most Reiki practitioners want to use what they have learnt to help others, but find setting up a professional Reiki practice much harder than they expected.

Reiki is difficult to explain and may have a credibility problem with some members of the public.

Would you like to be a more credible Reiki practitioner?

I run an eight week course as an online programme or in person which  looks at building a credible professional Reiki practice that you can be proud of. It is open to all styles and branches of Usui Reiki where you have been attuned/initiated in person (face-to-face) by your teacher and are at least a level 2 practitioner.

Investment is just £247


The  sessions will be packed with information to help you feel more confident about working with the general public and conventional healthcare providers, including:

  •     Codes of Ethics and Practice
  •     Insurance
  •     Health and Safety
  •     National Occupational Standards
  •     Legislation
  •     Credible Reiki
  •     Reiki in the Healthcare System
  •     Reiki for Animals
  •     Professional Bodies
  •     Regulation
  •     Marketing and Publicity
  •     Business Planning

Having a sound knowledge of the practicalities of professional practice will make you feel more confident and happier that you are doing the best you can for your clients and students.

This may all look very dry and boring, but in our modern world we have to be mindful about practicalities and my workshops are designed to be fun as well as informative.

Here are a few of the comments following my webinar on credible Reiki:

 I just wanted to thank you for the webinar this evening.  I thought the content was very good and covered many interesting points.  I have always thought that there should be more training after being attuned and this should include regular assessment by the master/teacher  Linda M.  

I attended the Webinar  session on Tues the 3rd of April and I generally feel that it was a productive and informative session.I feel that you covered and highlighted all aspects about Reiki and what the involvements are when starting out as a Reiki Practitioner.I look forward to attending more of your sessions in the very near future. Lydia K.

 I have just listened to all your webinar from last night, i only came in half way through last night. And first thank you it was very informative and if everyone had the same common sense approach to Reiki then perhaps we would be accepted by more people. Mark C.




Are you prepared for self-regulation?

Whether we like it or not the checks and balances on complementary therapies are increasing and we need to be prepared for that with a firm knowledge of what is required.

Perhaps you feel that you aren’t taken seriously when people know you are a Reiki practitioner.

Do you feel that having a more credible profile would increase your business?

If so, this is definitely the course for you.

I won’t be running this workshop for at least another 6 months and there are limited places.

For more information contact me at

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