I listen to a programme late on Sunday nights on Radio 4, a spiritual programme called ‘Something Understood’. I was dozing in and out through the whole thing, but what I do remember is Count Basie, singing ‘Solid As A Rock’. And that got me thinking about how you can be, or how you can feel ‘solid as a rock’.


And why is that important?

It’s important for our mental health. To me, being ‘solid as a rock’ is about being resilient, about being grounded, about being tethered in a storm, being able to get through whatever life throws at you. And a benefit of being able to do that is that other people feel safe when they’re around you.  You are like an anchor for them, so they also feel the benefit of your resilience and stability.

Everyone’s life has ups and downs, challenges and rewards, sorrow and joy. It’s how you respond to those events that dictates how you feel and how you cope. Being worried or getting angry usually don’t help.

[Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash ]


One of the ways that you can develop more resilience is through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. Through practice you can become more grounded. And the more you practice, the more it becomes part of your daily life. The more automatic it becomes, the more ‘solid’ you can be when things don’t go according to plan.


Eventually that solidity becomes part of your daily habits and you do it without even really noticing that you are. I teach a variety of meditation practices, because not everything suits everyone.  There many kinds of guided visualisation, breathing exercises, chanting, or affirmations, that can take you to that place where you feel stable, you feel solid, you feel strong.


Prepare for turbulent times

We prepare for turbulent times by practicing when things are calm, setting aside time and space to practice. But, of course, the more you do this, the more it comes naturally, and you don’t need to put yourself self into a special place, a special mind set, you just do it automatically.


If you would like to find out more about how you could be more ‘solid’ in your day-to-day life, get in touch.



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