I had a call from a client this morning who was feeling as though she had lost all track of time and lost control of her schedule. We discussed whether it could be due to a new essence that she had started taking, but after a while I realised that I was also feeling different from usual.

I am feeling very tired; when I looked out and saw the snow this morning I really just wanted to get back into bed rather than start the school run. This is quite ironic as I specialise in helping busy women who are feeling exhausted and frazzled, but I normally feel pretty energetic.

On reflection I began to consider the momentous energetic changes that are going on as we approach that pivotal date of 21 December and realised that many of us are beginning to feel the build-up towards that day and also the other significant date 12th December (12.12.12.). This time of year is always a difficult one for many people, especially here in the Northern Hemisphere as we approach the shortest days of the year. Our ancestors coped with those long, dark nights with feasts and festivals bringing warmth and light into their homes, much as we do at Christmas.

Many people find this time of year very stressful, not just with the preparations for Christmas, but also due to the low light levels, lack of exercise and poor diet. For some people the stress can be emotional as they miss family and friends who are no longer with them or may have passed away at Christmas, as my sister did.

I would suggest that we need to show ourselves some compassion, rest if we need to, surrender to the way we are feeling, hibernate for a while. These are natural responses that change with the seasons and in fighting them we make our lives more difficult. You are probably not alone in feeling this way.



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