A couple of days ago I took my youngest child to university 200 miles from our home; his brother already lives 400 miles away in the city where he attended university. So I now find myself living alone for the first time in 27 years. I say this not so you will feel sad for me, but rather so that you canThe road ahead see the endless possibilities I have as I approach my sixth decade.

Sure the quiet is a little strange, but I will get used to it. I feel more inclined to go out as I don’t have anyone at home waiting to be fed or taken somewhere.

I’m looking forward to a massive tidy up and clear out, I had already started over the summer, but somehow it is easier now the house is empty.

I can do things on a whim, on impulse, at short notice. I have only myself to think about.

And that is the thing – for the past 27 years I have been putting other people first. I teach other people not to do this, I teach that taking care of yourself first means that you can better help others because you will be fit and healthy with plenty of energy. So finally I must truly practice what I preach.

I am going to the USA in just under 2 weeks, I will see a friend, find some sunshine and attend a seminar. All things I want to do just for myself, to show myself some love and appreciation for the great job I’ve been doing for all those years.


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