Virtual Reiki Practice

You know that regularly practising Reiki will give you the most benefit from what you learnt when you did a course with me, but it isn’t always that easy on your own.

That’s exactly why I run groups each month where you can come along and practice some meditation and share and receive Reiki with other practitioners. Over the years that I have been teaching Reiki my students have changed jobs, moved away, had children or become carers, all of which can make it difficult to get to a scheduled group.

But do you remember how much better you feel after coming to a group?2013-07-19 13.11.56

Do you remember that it helps you to cope with the stresses of modern life?

So I now offer an online ‘Virtual Reiki Practice’, I have the technology for us all to meet, see and speak to each other online. All you have to do is click the link I send you and follow the instructions.

There will be a charge of £5 which you can pay via PayPal using the button below or you can pay by BACS or cheque if you contact me directly. Paying the fee will register you for the practice and I will send you the link on the day of the meeting.




What participants say:

‘Just to say how incredibly relaxing and enjoyable tonight’s Virtual Reiki Share was. I find it so helpful to be reminded of the visualisations, and it worked really, really well online, very nearly as good as being there, and even better for being at the end of  hard day! I would definitely recommend it and will be booking for the next one ! ‘ Erica

‘That was really good and very enjoyable and useful.  I feel extremely relaxed and hopefully might sleep well!  Nothing replaces the real face to face Reiki sessions, obviously, and next time I might bring in a different chair ……. However, I feel I definitely did get something out of the session and would definitely book on to another one’. ~Helen

‘The Virtual Reiki share is a great way to add more Reiki and meditation into your busy schedule by linking up with other like minded individuals over the internet from the comfort of your own home. Louise held the session perfectly with a mix of meditation, reiki share as well as self-practice. After the session I felt very relaxed and had a great nights sleep.’ ~Claire


Next Date: Tuesday 17th March 7.30-9.00


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